Map reproduced from real life. Typically Masovian areas.
-a huge village
-4 farms
-2 purchases
-biogas plant
-new lighting
-medium and small fields. From the C330 to Fendt. About 240 with meadows
– sawmill, spinning mill
-2 forests
-PDA (quite poor but certainly legible)
-Incredible climate

Changelog v1.2
-added support for seasons (mask, bush texture)
– traffic has been added
-visual changes
-new cowshed
-added GR4 chicken coop (hens walk around the yard)
-silage silo has been added
– PDA slightly improved
-new gates
– new plant and substrate textures
-added extra sounds on the map
– some errors in the log have been removed (buildings can be built now, lua removed)
-removed cotton from field missions

Changelog v1.2.1
-removed the mud that bugged the wheels (the wheels bounced)
– levitating objects removed
-and some minor changes

And much much more.

You probably don’t need to start a new savegame. If there are any errors, then you have to try on a new savegame.

And much much more.

This is my first map. But definitely not the last one 🙂

Many thanks to OalePadak for helping with the map

No editing !!
You can submit to other forums provided the original link and photos.


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