– NEED TO START A NEW CAREER!!! Required version


-Changed garden icons

-Replaced license plates with American ones

-Updated farm shop textures

-Moved the train loading ramp in the farm shop

-Updated textures (cake, hops)

-Fixed hop and raspberry groves (the system of plowing and weeding did not work)

-Reworked textures of intoxicating vines

-Reworked textures of raspberry bushes

-Traffic now travels through the farm shop

-Returned the old meadow grass to the map

-Visual improvement of field roads

-Updated forests, some added Platinum Expansion DLC trees

-Changed pallet with empty barrels

-Fixed pallet with apple wine

-Fixed grain drying

– In some factories, the total throughput (Y) (ll) is turned off, which allows each line to work at full capacity

-The objects that come with the lot no longer belong to the player by default, they become available when buying a lot

-Removed a duplicate of the collectible toy on the railway bridge

-Remade models of pallets with beer

-Revised the capacity of the gardens (you can also put storage extensions to the gardens, to increase the capacity, see help in the game)

-Revised garden performance

-Each garden is now open only for a certain season

-Expanded pallet trigger on sawmill

-Changed some areas

-Changed forms of some fields

Full description in the map group

Required mods

Precision Farming DLC

Production Revamp


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