Calm Lands is a map of unknown location. In it you will find a winding terrain, with several forests and many hectares of uncultivated land.

– You will now be able to sell Platinum DLC products at various points of sale already located on the map.
– You will now be able to deliver Wood Containers at the Sawmill.
– Wooden Point of Sale will now accept Wood Containers.

– Added support for Precision Farming.
– modDesc Updated to the latest version.

– Added tank to store Methane. You will find it in the store in the Diesel Tanks section.
– New icon and Preview images.
– Adjusted farmland to improve the landscaping experience.
– Please note that if you remove the prefab paths on the map, the workers in the game might stop working.
– Added a powered harrow to the savegame to use in conjunction with the seeder.(Requires New Game)
– Adjustments on the ground.
– Increased number of maximum animals in cow and sheep stables to 400.

– Map 100% prepared to build your own farm style and fields
– Sales area where you can sell all your generated products
– Edited license plate
– Edited Base Game Vehicles and Tools
– New Product: Donuts
– Confectionery: Production of Donuts
– Placeable sawmill
– Biogas edited
– Small tanker for transporting the methane obtained from the biogas
– Placeable Grass Dryer
– Animal stables with greater capacity
– All kinds of trees and bushes to place

Accept the challenge of farming and designing your own land, creating your spaces to raise your cattle and create a beautiful landscape
around your production buildings. Ahead, Calm Lands awaits you.


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