-Fixed some texture issues

-Fixed some small issues with the areas


Here is the release of the next series of CC buildings. There are two free stalls located within this mod. There are two variations of these Free Stalls. A black trim and a white trim. These Free Stalls do support slurry, milk and manure. The Free Stalls are located in the animal pens tab.


-15 Color selectable that will match any CC Building. Changes with N when purchased.

-3D Tin siding and Roofing

-Snow Mask, Concrete will frost over during winter storms

– In Game 3D Parallax Concrete, and Garage Doors

– Working Fans powered by the electrical box.

-Working Curtain powered by the electrical box.

-Garage Doors for colder weather with triggers on both sides

-Gates are for warmer weather

-You may dump straw or blow it in the pens.

-Wide feed alley that will fit Duals, and Semi’s. Do NOT use a tipper, you will get stuck.

-300 Head of Cattle

– Straw: 75000L/ Food: 250,000L/ Milk: 100,000L/ Liquid Manure: 1,000,000L

-Solid Manure must be with the manure heaps in the silo extensions. Works with any in game or modded one.

** Farming Simulator 22 only allows 25 Animals to appear in the navigation mesh. The barn will look on the light side for cattle. I am sorry but until I know how to fix this, this is the way it will be. **

** FS 22 Animal Masks are a little weird inside building. You will notice cattle sometimes stick through the wall and fencing. I am hoping to get this fixed with the patch, but we will see. I had a few modders double check my work to ensure it was done correctly. **

Notice: Copying, Distributing, Uploading or Publishing to any other site is prohibited without the original link. If you are wanting to edit these, please obtain prior consent first. – Crooked Creek Modding

This file’s original link is here:

If you did not get it from there, this mod was uploaded without prior consent.

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