GAZ-53 V1.3.1.0

– Power: 115, 120, 125 hp; – Speed: 90 km/h; – Volume of a fuel tank: 180 l.; – Cost: 7,000 €; – Choice of primary color; – Choice of design color; – Choice of rim color; – Body / cladding configuration; – Wheel configuration; – Engine configuration; – License plate configuration; – Towing device; – Fixation straps; – Dynamic hoses; – Animated devices, ignition key, pedals, gearshift lever, suspension, universal joint, mudguards; – Working mirrors; – Working lighting equipment; – Leaves traces; – Dirty and washable; – Autoload; – Body volume: Onboard: 5,000 / 9,000 / 12,000 l. Tankers: 3,000 / 3,300 / 4,000 liters Note: For more versatility, the automatic loading function allows you to load up to 18 trays of vegetables or eggs. However, this allows you to load up to 12 heavy pallets (for example, with fertilizers), which is too much for this small truck. In order to avoid undesirable driving consequences (for example, truck overturning), please limit the number of heavy pallets loaded by yourself. Autoload requires “Pallet Autoload Specialization” script. Authors: SD Team, Radichkov, Changes: Dimoous.


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