IHC 353 V2.0.0.0

It’s an IHC 353 with a lot of nice touches

Weight holder, front hydraulics
GPS controller: yes, no
Front fender made narrower
textures improved
Simple IC exchanged for IC with the more modern design

PS: 35/70
KMH: 33/35
Built: 1969 in Neuss Germany

My Discord is: https://discord.gg/SqNdFZYM

Hi for my part, I once again put a lot of work into the international, especially into the hood because of the color,
I would have to take a different look at some point because the vehicle shader doesn’t really want to,
but well, have fun with the IHC 353, I completely renewed the hood,
the tires are new, the sound is a bit buggy but it is still being worked on
Required mods.


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