This is the Krone 560zx Forage wagon with some reskinning and color options being added. Most all in-game color choices are available.


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Increased the amount of grease in tank from 2kg to 12kg.

Grease can not be refilled till you reach below 50%.

By adding the Grease Addon feature to this forage wagon, it will allow longer life between maintenance periods and less wear and tear on the equipment saving you some money in the long run-on repairs. In addition, it gives a more realistic approach on being a farmer in the game. Each has their own play style and with this it should appeal to those who like to play realistically. See changes and additions below.

Implement Details:

– Price (Varies on Designs and addons)

– Wheel Options (All in game default options)

– Cover Option (Yes/No)

– Silage Additive Option

– Decals (Remove or Keep)

– Capacity 100,000 Cubic Meters

– Added grease (Requires Grease Addon Mod)

– Multiplayer & Server friendly

Install instructions

Download the mod file and put the ( file into your mods folder location. You will also need the following mod listed below.

To be able to use this mod you will need to download the following mod from the in-game mod hub. Failure to do so will result in the mod not working, errors or game crashes happening.

Follow this link to download the (Grease Addon Mob) from the official mod hub.


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