The Malinovka map was created based on a fictitious area. About the map: – 32 fields; – 64 sites; – 4 settlements; – 3 livestock farms; – 8 productions; – 7 points of sale. Extras: – Add. culture Timofeevka Lugovaya, Lucerne; – Local harvest calendar; – The climate is average; – Weed and cleaned grain; – Changed textures of corn chips and hay; – The difference in textures between chaff and haylage; – Russian license plates; – Coins on the map to search; – Various little things and Easter eggs on the map. Objects: – Granary; – KRS complex; – Pig farm; – Sheepfold; – Oil extraction plant; – flour mill; – Complex of grain cleaning; – Seed protector; – Feed plant; – Sugar factory; – Bakery; – Dairy plant; – Pasta shop; – Sawmill; – Hayloft; – 3 silo pits; – Lagoon for liquid manure; – Sand quarry. Changes v1.0.0.3: – Fixed a problem with the acceptance of grain to the mill under the contract; – New soil textures; – Fixed feed mixer production; – Fixed a problem in alfalfa; – Fixed relief on the fields; – Fixed trigger; – Fixed trees in some places; – Set up a cowshed; – Minor visual improvements

TheGoodBoss (Константин Пислегин)

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