Potato Processing
The Potato Processing puts the focus on the potato and turns potato cultivation into a great experience!
Process your potatoes together with numerous farm products into new potato-based products.
In addition to the main production building there are new greenhouses and placeable points of sale.

New buildings:
– Potato Processing:
A placeable production building that processes potatoes and several other farm products.
Price: 80,000 $

– Greenhouses:
A mid-sized and a large greenhouse that produce lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, onions, cucumbers and peppers.
Price: 5,000 $ – 10.000 $

– Farmer Wholesale:
A placeable selling point where potato-based products and other farm products can be sold directly.
Price: 1 $

– Supermarket:
A placable building that produces income every hour by selling products directly to the customer.
The profit is about 30% higher than selling directly. However, the selling ammount per day is limited.
Price: 80,000 $
Storage space per product: 4000 liter

Manufacturable Products:
– Premium potatoes
– Food starch
– Vegetable fat
– French fries
– Potato gratin
– Fried potatoes
– Mashed potatoes
– Potato soup
– Pepper chips
– Potato pancakes
– Stuffed baked potatoes
– Potato salad
– Croquettes
– Onions
– Peppers
– Cucumbers

=> Information and tips:
To further process products within the potato processing (like premium potatoes, starch and mashed potatoes) the production output of these products must be switched to “distribute” so that no pallets are ejected.
The supermarket has a limited storage space for each product (4000 liters) and produces income every hour. Since the supermarket is technically a production, the production lines must be activated once in order for the stored products to be sold.


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3 Responses

  1. Norman Mark says:

    The Supermarket seems to have an unbalanced area in non potato consumables. For instance, Strawberries sell at .38 per unit. The Supermarket produces 1440 cycles per month at a cost of 1440 dollars. Thats a loss of .62 per unit. Looking for clarification.

    • Vincent Wardle says:

      Did you ever get a reply to this, as I have the same problem. As long as the items are produced by the “potato” greenhouses or produced in the factory, you get the monthly running cost of “2”. Even though the xml data shows the same for all products, if they are not produced in the factory or greenhouse, you get 1440 cycles per month at a cost of 1440 … Must be something in the base game that is not being overwritten. It is a shame you cannot contact modders directly when their mods seem to have a bug.

  2. Phil says:

    Great but there is an issue : we can’t autoload any of palett produced by this mod

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