PÖTTINGER TOP 611 A V1.2.0.0


– ModDesc version increased

– Improved ground wheel movement

– Fixed SimpleIC points

– Fixed animations at SimpleIC

– Wear reduced

– Corrections

In practice, these two-rotor rakes have many followers due to their economic use with small tractors. These side rakes can be flexibly adapted to your individual needs.

– Price: 20000 $

– Working speed: 15 kph

– Required power: 50 hp

– Weight: 1690 kg

– Number of rotors: 2

– Number of tine arms: 12

– Double tines per arm: 4

– Working width: 6,20 m


– Complete ground adaptation

– Animated swath cloths (FS22 standard)

– Switch work mode

– Optional folding and unfolding of the protective bar and swath cloths also possible via SimpleIC (Only for PC!)


– Lower link balls

– Operating instructions tank

– Model type (TOPTECH PLUS or EUROTOP) with modification of the rotors, logo, lights and color of the back plate

– Protective sleeves

– Swath cloth material


– Fixed wheels floating on rear axle

– Fixed small heaps being left behind when cornering

– Small corrections


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