Naughty Cow’s Dairy Factory Modhub Prerelease (some things must be fixed, nothing game breaking, but if errors occurs, please tell)

Minor fixes

New Production chain for Dairy and Vegetarian products with empty pallets (buyable from store or produced with my Sawmill Platinum mod, others might work if the same filltype: EMPTYPALLET).

Cocoa powder, koji mold and cooking salt is also buyable from store (currently not produced by any mods)

Redone the huds and most of the textures (building and some pallets) and added white chocolate, chocolate milk and milk carton; changed the recipes to use the new additions: chocolate use now cocoa, cheese use cooking salt, soy sauce use koji mold for fermentation like IRL. Added a sellpoint that works with most of the products from any factory (you can use also the sell everything mod – the same principle, but only for pallets, not bulk or grains)

Selling prices should be fair, proportional with the ingredients used.

– Princess Moo Dairy Factory – 250000, daily Upkeep – 40

Buyable Pallets:
– Cocoa Powder pallet – 2000
– Cooking Salt pallet – 1000
– Koji mold patties pallet – 1500

Milk Carton – from milk and empty pallets;
Chocolate Milk – from milk, sugar, cocoa powder and empty pallets;
Butter – from milk and empty pallets;
Cheese – from milk, salt and empty pallets;
Sour Cream – from milk and empty pallets;
Yogurt – from milk, strawberry, sugar and empty pallets;
Chocolate – from milk, sugar, cocoa powder and empty pallets;
White Chocolate – from milk, strawberry, sugar and empty pallets;
Ice Cream – from milk, strawberry, cocoa powder, sugar and empty pallets;
Soy milk – from soybean, water and empty pallets;
Oat milk – from oat, water and empty pallets;
Tofu – from soybean, water, cooking salt and empty pallets;
Soy Sauce – from soybean, wheat, water, cooking salt, koji mold patties and empty pallets.

Input storage: 30000 – 100000 liters, output storage: 20000 liters.
Several translation included for the new products.
Special thanks to Black_Dragon23 (building) and Jos (helping me set the selling point, buyable pallets).


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