With an aged steel construction these pallet and bale storage sheds will fit perfectly with any farm.

This mod requires the ‘Object Storage’ (FS22_ObjectStorage) mod available on the official Giants ModHub to function.
Both buildings are configurable via the GUI once placed allowing you to choose the bale size, bale fill type or pallet fill types you wish to store.

Bale Storage: These 10 x 20 meter steel sheds are the perfect solution for the farmer who wants to keep a large number of bales in stock.
– Price: 13600 $
– Daily Upkeep: 10 $
– Round Bales: 125 cm > 238 cm
– Square Bales: 180 cm > 488 cm
– Bale Fill Types: All bales fill types registered as part of the map and within the size ranges above can be stored.

Pallet Storage: This small metal storage sheds provide a convenient way to store your most common farm supplies.
– Price: 11400 $
– Daily Upkeep: 8 $
– Pallet Fill Types: Seed, Pig Food, Lime, Oat (Horse Feed), Wheat (Chicken Feed), Road Salt, Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer, Herbicide, Mineral Feed, Wool, Potato, Sugarcane, Poplar, Silage Additive, Seed Treating Liquid and LumiGEN


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