STEYR 8150 SK1 TURBO EDIT V1.0.0.0

Hello, since the new GE has been available since yesterday evening, I took the Steyr 8150 and reworked it a bit.

Wheel set:

Continental; 380/85 R28 + 580/70 R38

Front rims changed

FL console;

Claas added (the other two have no hydraulic connections installed)


Revised gears;

1.L, 2.L, 3.L, 3.H, 4.L, 4.H

(1.H and 2.H have been left out so that you don’t have to change gears that much, and so the tractor is “spritzy” to drive :))

Speed: 31 km / h

Gear lever animated.

Unfortunately there is no “range” group entry for the gearbox in the standard game, otherwise the powershift stage (L, H) could have been made extra.

Jo the 8150 was adapted to my “needs”.

Have fun with it!

PS: I might try to equip the Claas FL with a choice of colors.

Modell; Giants Software (vom LS22 Basis game), Edit; domip

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