TATRA 815 AGRO V1.0.0.1

The gearbox has been repaired so that people who play with the clutch can get going.

The gearbox has low and high speeds, the maximum forward speed is 80km/h and the maximum reverse speed is 12km/h

TATRA 815 truck which has 5 extensions as well as color and tire configurations.

Types of extensions:

1 – Grain extension: 22000 l.

2 – Silage extension: 32000 l.

Price 6000 €

3 – Second silage extension: 34000 l.

Price 7000 €

4 – Extension slurry spreader: 11000 l.

Price 16000€

5 – Extension manure spreader: 17000 l.

Price 15000 €

Manure/Slurry spreader working width 10m.

Price 95000 €

Power: 280 HP

Lukasino převod Team JZD Vidhostice

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