Try your luck in Ticouapé north of Lac St-Jean (Quebec, Canada). In Ticouapé, you have inherited the family farm with all existing vehicles and buildings. On the other hand, all the animals were sold during the succession.

It is a standard size map whose inspiration comes from the Goldcrest Valley of which only the villages, rivers and roads have been kept; everything else is my design.

All signs and logos are in French.

There are all the basic fruits as well as the plants. Several fields have been placed to join together to make larger ones.

In terms of forestry, there are three plantations on flat ground and three forests on hilly terrain.

The hidden toys are all accessible by walking normally and there are no hidden ones in winter. Because in winter, there is a lot of snow on Ticouapé.

All the mods contained in the pack are error free. The GoKart has been fixed since the video was uploaded.

But a video is worth a thousand descriptions. I invite you to watch the attached video.

Good game in French.

Thanks to Boucher316 for the video
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