Are you a small virtual farmer with a tight budget, or would you rather invest your money in land and vehicles?
Then this tiny house farm building pack is made for you.
The farmhouse is a small, walk-in cottage, but equipped with many amenities.
You can also place this small house as a decorative object or as a holiday home, with which you can generate passive income.
Matching the tiny house there are several sheds, a multi-fruit silo, a buying station for animal feed and farm supplies and a small cow barn.

Facts and prices:
– Tiny house as a farmhouse: $5,000, 6 slots
– Tiny house as decoration: $100, 6 slots
– Tiny house as a holiday home: $50,000, $8,400 monthly income, 6 slots
– Empty hut as decoration: $100, 4 slots
– Large shed: $5,000, 4 slots
– Narrow shed: $3,000, 4 slots
– Medium shed: $3,500, 4 slots
– Small shed: $3,000, 4 slots
– Shed without side walls: $1,000, 4 slots
– Wooden multi-fruit silo: $30,000, 10,000,000 liters, 4 slots
– Buy station: $5,000, 5 slots
– Cow barn: $15,000, 25 cows, 4 slots


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