Valtra Package
The Valtra Pack includes all series available in the standard game and the latest generation S Series.
The S, Q, T & N Series are also available with Valtra Unlimited paintwork.
The Q, T & N Series have the optional PTG tyre pressure control system supplied from the factory.

Vehicle overview:
S Series:
Power: 300-405hp
Price: 285.000$

Q Series:
Power: 230-305hp
Price: 202.000$

T Series:
Power: 210-255hp
Price: 179.500$

N Series:
Power: 145-201hp
Price: 110.000$

Valmet 8750:
Power: 190hp
Price: 108.500$

G Series:
Power: 110-145hp
Price: 84.000$

A Series:
Power: 105-135hp
Price: 76.500$

– Roof (Normal, SkyView)
– Door (Panoramawindow, right Door)
– Storage Box (small, big)
– Reverse Driving (TwinTrac)
– Beacon Lights
– Roof Color
– Carpet
– Front PTO (Valmet only)
– Frontloader
– Warning Signs
– Speed Sticker
– Unlimited Painting
– Honk
– tinted Windows

– left Door, (right Door)
– Backwindow
– Roofdoor
– Beacon Lights (Left Right)
– Warning Signs (S, Q, T & N Series only)
– Terminal (S, Q, T & N Series)

For the animations the Interactive Control Script is needed! (FS22_interactiveControl)
This tractor is prepared for Precision Farming.
Kubota DLC Passenger Script is available. (Only in S, Q & T Series available)


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