Thueringer Oberland V.4

We are at the edge of the Thuringian Waldes.In near the town of Bad Lobenstein in 1988th
This is my private Map I rebuilt komlett according to my ideas and errors of the original map habe.Erweitert eliminated with buildings e.g: from the Bantikow map and many functions.
can be produced Mehl,Zucker,Kleie,Kirsch-,Pflaumen-,Salat/Tomatenpaletten,Diesel,Saatgut,Dünger,Bier,Molkereiprodukte,gewaschene and steamed potatoes, fodder, lime.
Water bodies are public property (water is free)

The landscape is dominated by the agriculture of DDR.Die fields are between 0,9ha and 18,3ha large, and largely correspond to the Original.Es are to provide more farms pups you get in the breeding station in Industriegebiet.Abliefern goes in the slaughterhouse or at the butcher
Because there was no BGA to Ostzeiten, a test sample on the Map nachgebaut.Im LPG Hof is about secret passages is a Schnellsiliertank (approx: 5 hours per filling) and a first still empty fertilizer -Saatgutsilo.
The stations in the yard, BGA, GPG can be replenished with self-produced diesel

Sebastijan Martinko

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