Category: FS15 Trucks

Driving isn’t a duty in FS15 – it is a pleasure. Think about it this way, how about feeling like driving a real truck while you play a game? Sounds cool, right? Because it is. Get yourself a good old Ural truck or download a mod for the latest DAF XF to make your experience on of a kind and as fun as humanly possible. FS15 teaches not only the basics of farming, but the core elements of everyday routines, one of which is driving. Every truck in FS15 TRUCKS is modded and created in a way so that it feels unique and true to life and there are over 1200 available options. Some trucks feel heavier than the others, some handle well, some act right off-road, you need to experiment and find the best modification of a truck for you. As always, don’t forget to leave a review after trying out the mods, like us on Facebook and happy farming everyone!