John Deere pack for thoes that have been waiting
This is a personal conversion and edit of the JD 9630 scaled down to be more realistic and comparable to other in game tractors. I have added wheel configuration options when purchasing (wheel weight option has terra tires). Also, I Americanized it by removing all the Euro signage. Mod is fully washable. Everything works per my testing
Hope you enjoy the mod!


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6 Responses

  1. irving says:

    What is the password of the files?

  2. piotr1630 says:

    paswort to zip

  3. steve abell says:

    It says that the files are pass protected when i attempt to extract them?

  4. Jonas says:

    It’s password protected. Can’t unzip it!!!

  5. Gavin says:

    How do you ge mods

  6. Frazer Wheaton says:

    I love your Mods I wish I had one of those Mods

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