Category: FS15 Weight

One of the more underrated items and categories in the game – weights. These babies help you do your farming tasks with the greatest of ease. Apply weights to your equipment and make yourself a more productive farmer and increase your profits at the same time. FS15 WEIGHT category in has over a hundred, that’s right – OVER A HUNDRED weight mods that are all compatible with FS15 and fun to play with. Use them and prosper as a businessman and as a tractor driver or as a combine operator. All weights look and feel different, thus the more you add to the game, the wider your opportunities and possibilities get. Think about this: increasing your cash flow takes only a few clicks. Here in we encourage you to try out these mods and find out for yourselves, how they impact your gameplay. As always, don’t forget to leave a review after trying out the mods, like us on Facebook and happy farming everyone!