This is the Multifruit edition off mavericksFarm NOT seasons ready

Version 2
adjusted prices
fixed winebar
texture error fixed
higher some pipes to fit all trailers
increased rootcrop capacity
added 2 x carwash
added fermenter pack
added manure maker
be aware the equipment you need are in the first download,if you don’t have them yet you have to download that file.

It’s actually a multifruit and production 4x map.
Additional field fruits
Oat , rye,spelt,triticale,millet
Plum , pear , orange , apple , cherry,coffeebeans
The factory’s are not working with palletcollectors anymore so they can’t get bugged eather , you will need a special designed trailer to pick up the end products off all pallet based factory’s. 1 trailer made by bdbssb is build in the map ,you can find it in the shop to buy. Another one called producttrailer will be included in the zipfile. No other trailer will be able to pick up the products.
I added allot new factory’s , also builded in the nice factoryPack from BDBSSB
With over 50 products a list off the factory’s will be included in the zipfile aswell will this explanation.
Also replaced the fertilizer and seeds factory’s with a updated model, you will be able to fill your seeders directly at the factory’s aswell
Needed mods in the zipfile
Holmer pack for rootcrops
12m header sugarbeet/potato
12m header onion/carrot
12m header cabbage,redcabbage,lettuce
Producttrailer to load factory products
PallettrailerBD to load factory products build in the mapfile can be found with the tippers
Liquidtrailerpack , 1 trailer for all kind off liquids , willn’t load fuel from ingame gasstations , will load own produced fuel or from the fuelstorages , 1 trailer loads only fuel to be find in misc category
Hops and hemp has to be cut with a maizeheader
I hope you all enjoy the multifruit edition off this map.

BDBSSB for the support ,the great factory idea and the nice mods
LBG group for testing the map
Shywizard (youtube)
Nick the Hick (youtube)
A special thank you to chaseydog (pc-sg modding )
A special thank you to my tester from LBG group
Modders (sorry if i forget someone)
scripts Kevin98 and Marh
Urmodder: BaTt3RiE
BaTt3RiE/Kobold Koby
and all other modders . Allot respect

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5 Responses

  1. GaryM says:

    Sugarcane is in the “Fruit Types 1” list on the escape key map, but not on the “Prices” list.
    I added it to the Case Air Seeder, but it don’t show up in the seeder either.
    Also it’s not listed here in your description of multifruits on the map.
    Was this an oversite ?

  2. GaryM says:

    Also there is a manure making silo by field 22.
    It takes straw but won’t take Liquid manure or digestate.
    The trigger opens and gives me an ‘I” to unload but nothing happens.

  3. GaryM says:

    I got the sugarcane to show up in the case air seeder but it screws up the seeder from working.

  4. GaryM says:

    Also do the designers read these posts ?

  5. martin says:

    wanting to use a krone big zx550gd(v1.0.0.2b) , it is aviable to buy in my list, but it does not purchase, the egg time just hangs, is there any issue with it , are another mod classing??? tried a new game , just with this mod and still same wanting this for grass cutting, also what do you use for hay making????

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