Mod Release!! It’s that time,finally i am releasing the Delorean mod. I would like to thank my tester and also Perma’s Modding(levitator script and help with sprayer xml ) check out his facebook group. This is the Delorean from Back to the Future 2,it does work as a sprayer however using the ingame tanks to refill does not work USE THE DEVELOPER TOOL TO FILL! X is to unfold sprayer/flight mode wheels,n is to open driver door,left mouse to raise vehicle in air and right mouse to lower also right mouse hold lets you drive on the ground. with that HAVE FUN!

CaptainD430, 3d model by Chris Kuhn,credit to Perma’s Modding for working sprayer and levitator script

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2 Responses

  1. pissed off says:

    this mod has been uploaded to this website without permission

  2. warren melendy says:

    i hat tis siet

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