This is a buyable egg pallet, I decided to make this mod with some user choice features:

1. There are two types of buyable egg pallets in the store, the first is a single use pallet and the other is a reusable pallet.
2. An option to display signs with the type of pallet.
3. Capacity label displayed on the sign (2400l, 4800l, 7200l, 9600l)
4. A capacity option to set the amount of eggs packed into the boxes.
5. Animations for the filling and emptying.
6. Manually fill or auto-filling.

Single Use –
2400 l = $25
4800 l = $50
7200 l = $75
9600 l = $100

Reusable –
2400 l = $250
4800 l = $300
7200 l = $325
9600 l = $350

Usage: Place the egg pallet in the egg box area of the chicken coop and it will fill to the set capacity, pallets can be left on trailers or placed on the ground, pallets can also be manually filled. When pallet is full take it to a sale point, if reusable the pallet will just empty as the egg’s boxes are sold, if single use, the pallet will disappear when all egg boxes are sold from that pallet.


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