SKYLINE R33 4DR V1.0.0.0

Finally, I finished something else !!!!!and it’s less shitty than most of my other stuff, would you look at that ! Ok, jokes asside, that’s a really high poly model I’ve had for forever, I managed to cut down 1.5 milion tris on it without destroying the model, that’s the most I could remove with my skill in blender, but to ruin it all, I put like 30 wheel option so the wheel i3d is now twice the size as the main i3d is, I’m stupid like that haha. Anyway, I made a new intercooler, new led tail light, it has dynamic wheel adjustment, is strappable, has window tint option, roll cage color option, interior color option, tail light panel color option, wheel color, main color, I made it quite easy to drive, it’s not a rocket but it’s still going at 250 km/h, there’s other bits of detail on it for you to find, have fun!


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