Cattle and crops – Moon Farming

Oh what a glorious day for all of us!

About a year ago we established a special section within the company – a black ops operation, so to speak – that has been developing a secret project in parallel to Cattle and Crops. After long and tedious work, surprisingly many employees that disappeared mysteriously, diplomatic sanctions, way too much caffeine usage and just the right amount of exhaustion, we can finally lift the curtain today: replacing Cattle and Crops, we’ll give you a new simulator.

We present to you, the future of hardcore low-G cultivating: Moon Farming!

Why all of of this? You can’t imagine the complexity of a simulation system that involves different physical elements, a multitude of soil types, weather effects and bull excrements. Therefore we’ve decided for the moon as the optimal farming ground. No stupid rain, much lower gravity, and a vastly improved gas mileage (see the MB Trac 140000 with nucular HyperPubbleFluxPowerTec jets). And the best thing? Nothing’s gonna grow on the moon (sorry, Mr. Watney) anyway, meaning we don’t have to take care of some stupid vegetation simulation. Win-win.

For all additional information, visit Happy jumping!

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