Big Seedling Pack V 1.4


I have for you the new Big seedling pack as an update of my first TreeSaplingPack of January, the Big seedling pack contains fir seedlings also spruce, Winterfichten-, birch and larch seedlings Damcon Big P75 and the pallets have a capacity of 120 seedlings.

The mod works on standard maps in SP, MP currently not supported yet, on ModMaps he works on SP and MP.

Important! Please read the readme or the accompanying pictures Step1, Step2 and Step3 view!

A little note on the edge .. for a particular person :mrgreen:
It brings nothing now times when only two different mods, things just take out that you can do this then tinkering to a private mod together and does not try to understand things or they go to the bottom of the plagiarism has never really done to the target. You just learn nothing of it.

RC-Devil & Giants – 50.4 MB

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6 Responses

  1. harada says:

    not working… the icons are there for purchase but when clicking on purchase… nothing happens..

  2. Bruce Dornon says:

    cant purchase. on the list but cant purchase

  3. Football says:

    You have to open the ZIP file, and move the moresapings folder to your data/objects folder in the installation directory

  4. Chris says:

    where is data/objects located? In FS 15 folder under documents>my games? Having same issue

  5. Freestate Farmer says:

    Try the installation directory guys at C:/ (Place where the game installed)

  6. George says:

    This was working fine prior to gold patch now same problem here. I had the morespalings folder copied into the data/object folder and like I said before the gold patch i could buy and plant all was well, now items are in the garden yet cannot be bought. I uninstalled the mod and reinstalled it again just to be sure but not working…

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