Black Rock Valley V3 dual maps update. 822MB Zip Package.
Many changes have been made make sure you start a new game for V3.
Update Information.
Dual map packaged SSS and HSS versions in one file set and an english help text file.
Soilmod Added.
Compost_soil swapped to compost and made spreadable in the map and handled with multifruit handling.
V3 all in one sunken tip point with built in manure and liquid manure sale added to the BGA.
Soilmod Tanks added to the main farm.
Geneborg soilmod textures added.
Sunflower height raised.
MIPS added to every building texture no more sparkling textures.
Wood train and loading yard added to the map.
Gold coin challenge and mysterious well added.
FSModding manual gates.
New Heap textures.
New storage signs.
Modular storage from Lakeside updated and added to map with large tip triggers, IFkonators bale to storage triggers and conveyor unloading.
Layout changes to the both farm yards.
Fruit farm added.
New salad factory with lettuce and cauliflower greenhouses.
PigForage machine swapped to Farmer_Andy’s auger version.
Tip grids added to installed mods.
Small Changes to field layouts.
Field edges cleaned up and grass foliage overlap foliage removed.
Grass foliage and density of some fruits increased.
Windrow Added for oat and soybean with multifruit conversion for forage wagons and balers.
Seedmaster added to Falls farm.
Seeds2 added to Fall farm silo.
Double silage clamp added to the main farm.
Cattle market removed.
New tree textures.
New updated PDA map.
New pallet movers added including the sheepzone with auto sell point at the ends.
Extra embedded fill planes and unloading particles now included for manure, compost and more.
Multifruit file updated all standard vehicles, cutters, seeders and trailers work with everything in the map. Balers and forage wagons will work with the new windrows.
Bale to store by IFkonator added to straw, grass, silage and manure storage.
Texture work and hundreds of small fixes and changes made around the map.
Great Demand should now be removed from the farm silo’s.
Distance Hills added.
Sales triggers updated.
File size reduced and map optimised.
Other Map Features include:
Fictional USA based map.
Large planted forestry trails.
Multifruit, sorghum, soybean, soybean windrow, oat, oat windrow and sunflowers.
3 placeable fenced areas. 2 sawmills on the boundary with log sell points and wood chip sell points, MH timber with the Sageworx sawmill by Marhu with modified unloading deck.
2 Farms.
Seedmaster machines.
MilkMax Machine.
BHP accepts more than just woodchips.
Milk Sales.
BeetMaster Machine.
Compost Master machine.
PigForage Machine.
Potato Washer.
Potato Steamer.
Water Mod.
Chopped Straw Mod.
Embedded particles and fill planes for all fruit now special modded vehicles required.
Free range chickens with Auto egg collection on the main farm by the side of the house.
Tested with soil mod and course play and dedicated servers.
6 Animal Fattening mast’s and much more.
This map was designed to play on our systems and it does perfectly as intended with no log errors. However Black Rock Valley has far more map objects than a standard map and I understand that not everyone will be able to play this map as it was intended even the SSS version requires a good PC system and graphics card to run a playable frame rate especially when the map is running at full tilt and you have AI drivers working as well. Things that may help you frame rate, cut down trees, use less AI, have less mods in the map or spread them out, have less installed mods running at the same time in the map. It’s not ideal but like I said this was always designed to run on our systems. The V3 SSS version runs higher settings for LOD, Terrain detail, view distance, tree clip and lighting shadows than a standard map. The HSS has even higher map settings and should only be run on a high end PC or gaming rig system with the best graphics cards.
If you sell the pressure washers that are installed at the wash bays you will not be able to place them in the same location with the in game placeable option.
After map optimisation and the last I3d map edit was done the cache files generated on my system have been removed from the file set for both the SSS and HSS maps. When you first load the map have a drive around all the areas, make a save and reload this will help cache and smooth things out in the maps a little quicker.

Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods and scripts by: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, RC_Devil, Robbie FS_UK, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, tater salad, FSMOdding, Geneborg, Ifkonator, Kastor and Webalizer. – 822.1 MB

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  1. Ryan says:

    what equipment do you implement in this map and there links all of it is multifruit

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