This is version 3 soilMod of Canadian Prairies Map.
This version is completely rebuilt on a different map. included are the required mod for proper operation. Egg laying station was installed. Soil mod installed and tested ok. 4 greenhouses, 6 farm animals, 12 fruits and 12 fields. Milk triggers were installed at the milk robot and at the dairy to sale your milk when you want. You must copy stopmilk mod included in your mods folder and install it on your map, it cost $1 and copy the sign next to your milk robot. The version included has english writing not german…. This version has landscaping done all arouind and many new inovations and improvements to make your work easier. Many hours of testing to insure proper operation…….I hope you enjoy! P.S if you find something wrong…leave a comment.

This map requires video card with 1g of video memory. If you had no problem with previous versions then your ok.

renebqc – 959.8 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar joakim says:

    skal prøve det

  2. Avatar anti_mislix says:

    Dear renebqc!
    THX the work. It’s very good map.
    seed2, potato wash, steam, forage master, compost maker ?????????
    Not placeable pleaseeeee.!!!!

  3. Avatar Dimos says:

    Hello can you Port this to 2017 version plz ?

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