This is Field Status, version 15.5, for FS15. It’s a Lua script that will display the status of all fields on your map.
It will show what percentage of each field is plowed, cultivated, seeded, and/or fertilized. For each crop planted, it will display the percentage of the field covered, and the crop’s growth state, cut/windrow, and withering. Bales that are on fields will also be shown.
Also displayed are the map name, number of fields, and the hectares and acres for each field, along with the total for the map.

Version: 15.5 Upload Date: 2016-06-27 Release Date:
1) Re-design of Config system. Added the following features:
A) Config screens display on the main HUD now instead of on a separate HUD.
B) Multiple Field Scan Lists
C) Multiple Fruit Lists
D) It’s now possible to configure which statuses are shown for each field.
If not showing all statuses, you can hover the mouse over the field
name to see all the details.
2) Savegame0 issue on dedicated servers is fixed. The problem was, if you
changed the map you were playing on, you would get a “mapname not found”
error. Also discovered during testing that sometimes, the savegame0
directory wasn’t being created at all. That is fixed as well.
3) Allow display of the Map Overlay when Field Status is not active.
4) All Bales are now visually displayed on the Map Overlay screen
(in addition to the bale count showing on the HUD). This includes
bales that are not on any field.
5) When the HUD is activated, your character is frozen, so that you can
do mouse functions without the screen moving all around. You can toggle
this feature on/off by clicking on the word “FROZEN” on the HUD (the top
line, next to “Field Status.”
6) 2 “secret” features that you will discover when you load it up!

the README.txt file. It contains lots of helpful information (especially on new features) that should answer any questions
you may have when using this mod.

*** BE AWARE ***
when starting a new savegame, the Field Initialization process could take a while, depending on the map and size of the fields.
The message line at the bottom of the Field Status HUD will show the progress.

Simple and easy: COPY “” to your mods directory.

Script: thebadtouch

Thank you to DE farms and mod farms for MP/dedi testing for this feature-rich version (15.5) of Field Status.

DE farms for helping me figure out the solution to the savegame0 problem on dedicated servers.

mod farms had the idea of showing all bales on the Map Overlay.

Benw11 and gerritdeslak for helping me test new MP and dedi server code relating to bales.

Spanish translation by thediabl0.

Kobe8 helped me in early testing of 6.1 with a few maps.

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to rwy22sp (Mike) and modelbuilder47 (Ken), for extensive testing in MP. They put up with many iterations of my buggy code and trial and error while I was trying to get the code working that sends the bale information to the clients.

Additional Multiplayer testing: DeereJohn013, higgsterboss and his crew, and havoc04. Thank you, guys. 🙂

A special thank you to Decker_MMIV, who has provided me with technical information, tips, and ideas from the very beginning. Thanks for all your help.

Jakob Tischler, Courseplay author, has also provided me with technical knowledge and tips.

Field Status logo: anddroid.

HUD: grimber, with changes by me.

As always, the forums and Giants’ documentation were of great help.

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