Michigan V 1.0

This is my first attempt at a map.
Very large wide open fields. All of the animals are at the farm. All shops and sell points are in the town. This map has a massive forest. Please tell me what you think of this map in the comments.

By: Danger Dane

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  1. James Shindorf says:

    I am from Traverse City Michigan, Aftre downloading and playing on older map, Ive been looking for maps from locations closer to home. What I have been looking for are more authentic locations. One I found and enjoyed was called remote place v2. As I was playing on it I found myself wanting more equipment that fit with the area that Ive been farming in. More distressed looking vehicles trailers and transportation. If you are still playing farming simulator let me know.

    • Danger Dane says:

      Sorry its been a long time since i have looked at this upload. I am from the Dowagiac area and now that I’m thinking of it, it would be very possible to make very rustic looking maps with the new Sosnovka map. Let me know what you think.

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