Woodpile Help v3.0

Good Morning @,

version 3.0
Attacher for wheel loaders and teleladers.

Here I have a rack with which you can stack your wood in the forest or wherever you want.
The frame is “placeable”, because you can place it with a front loader wherever you want.
It is possible to insert wood lengthwise, but it can also be placed transversely over two racks, so it is particularly suitable for long wood.
You can not transport it as it is too heavy.
So it is rather a storage place, but as described above can be parked everywhere.
I wish you much fun with it.
PS: Length approx. 8,5 m width approx. 2,6m height approx. 2,8 m, weight empty approx. 1,2 to

Greeting PowerPeter008

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