Small card, more for youngtimers / oldtimers or small machines. Maximum medium-sized machines due to the narrow streets. LS19 standard cultures with seasons and the manure system.
The 1970s, a wild time.
Bertha, a middle-aged woman, is fed up with the society around her.
She breaks down the tents and ends up in an uninhabited valley somewhere in this world.
There she begins her new life. Word gets around quickly everywhere that people
those who want to get out of society can start a new, free life there.
The community grows to over 20 families.
Children are born, become parents themselves and the generation of the founders gradually dies.
Bertha is the last to die.
The descendants of the other families are completely overwhelmed with the administration of the community and Bertha has no descendant,
so the community is looking for a new administrator.
She has the rights of the administration and the area of ​​the court auctioned, with the guarantee,
that the current and future generations can stay there if they want.
But the price is unbeatable.
You have bid and received the bid through your concept.
Take a look around, find your way, and then get to work.
I wish you success.

Map facts:
44 fields (0.105 ha to 0.634 ha in size) including 3 field meadows with possible missions, 90 farmlands
a total of 9 sales outlets including timber trade and BGA
Start farm with farm pack (known from the Blox farm 1857 map), 2 fields owned, start vehicles adapted to the map
Agricultural contracts and various transport contracts
Seasons installed
Manure system installed on the BGA, cowshed and pigsty of the Hofpack.
Hofpack integrated into the map

Additional mods:
mandatory: slurry system
variable: Seasons

Giants Software LS13/15/17/19
Stromhaus -martinbigM500–6
KI Verkehr -Landei68
(Karte LPG Schwarze Pumpe 1988)
Hofgebäude Blox Bauernhof Papaherz und Giants
Wenn jemand sich seine Objekte erkennt und hier nicht steht, bitte melden ich trage nach. Danke

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