This mod has three main objectives:
1. To define a game environment mimicking real-life farming in a well-defined area.
2. To enable players to individualize the game using a simple editor.
3. To provide a game planning tool for the player who wants to do a pre-game setup.

User manual inside the zip file.
Needed mods: Seasons

Added field economy and fixed a few issues.
Adaptations to cooperate with Precision Farming
A few filltypes and fruittypes have been added so the mod is compatible with more maps. This version of the mod has been played without issues on the maps:
Chellington Valley 1.0
Hof Bergman
Rustic Acres 4.0
Griffin Indiana 19

A detailed test has not been completed as this would take months.
A few fixes here and there.

Adaptations to cooperate with realisticSeeder by Ifko[nator].
Adaptations to cooperate with MaizePlus by The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher.
Adaptations to work with extra animals (piglets, goats, ducks).
Expansion of script for Cost Of Production estimates.
Improved acceptance of pallets with undefined capacity
Updated user manual.

Fixed issues with HOF Bergman fruittypes.
New Forestry script allows scaling of the price of tree logs for 11 varieties of trees.
The calculation of egg prices is now based on net volume of eggs instead of egg box volume.

This is an intermediate release were another issue with cotton bales have been fixed.
Economical forecasting features have been added for equipment cost and crop production cost.
User manual has been updated.

This is an intermediate release, where the issue with cotton bales have been fixed.
Other features in the process of being developed are also included, but although working, further development is undergoing.
The user manual has not yet been updated in this intermediate release.
Press lAlt-rh to get an overview of keyboard short-cuts.
Added snow contract for Seasons compatibility.

Prediction of feed crop volume, number of bales and feed hectares reintroduced.
Rescaling of bale volumes have been removed, allowing multiple bale sizes on a map.
Vehicle running cost controllable by user.
Animal upkeep controllable by user.
Property maintenance controllable by user.
A new day-by-day leasing option has been added to allow farmers to hire a contractor (helper + equipment) to do specific jobs, like harvesting root crop.

The approach to renting fields has changed. Now all renting contracts terminate by default on the first day of mid-winter. From the following day and onwards you can either renew the rent contract or rent other fields. The rent cost is now proportional to the duration of the rent contract.
Bale volume now depends on the size parameters of the bale.
A bug with plow and cultivation contracts has been fixed.
Fertilizer contracts on fields which has already been fertilized may not be possible. The origin of this issue is unknown.

The mod has been updated to work with the Seasons mod by Realimus Modding. The models for animal breeding and growth as well as the model for crop growth have been removed so not to conflict with the improved the models implemented in Seasons.
The script for adjusting service intervals have also been removed to avoid conflicts with same feature in the Seasons model.
The present version is a preliminary version without predicting information (objective 3) for feed and bale needs. I hope to reintroduce this feature in a later version.
The mod exists in different flavors, each representing real-life crop yield and price levels in a specific geographic area. Currently there are flavors for Germany, UK, and US Heartland.
A manual (in English) is included within the zip file.
It is unclear to what extent the Seasons mod will overwrite the game parameters defined in this mod. Please report back any signs of a possible conflict in this regard.

Google translate:
Dieser Mod hat drei Hauptziele:
1. Eine Spielumgebung definieren, die die reale Landwirtschaft in einem genau abgegrenzten Gebiet nachahmt.
2. Damit die Spieler das Spiel mit einem einfachen Editor individualisieren können.
3. Bereitstellung eines Spielplanungs-Tools für den Spieler, der ein Setup vor dem Spiel durchführen möchte.
User manual inside the zip file.

Script: Kaj-Aage Henneberg/ArmChairFarming
Idea / Concept: Kaj-Aage Henneberg/ArmChairFarming
Testing: Kaj-Aage Henneberg/ArmChairFarming

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