In my new Beat the Fed LS19 Mod Map version of the NF March 4x, there are a number of minigames from Fun, Lumber, Forklift & Loader, Race and Fieldwork. You can find all the videos for the games here on the page below. If you like the videos / minigames, I would be very happy about support a like and a comment from you 🙂
When you beat the Fed against another player in multiplayer according to the existing scoring system (Game 1 = 1 point, Game 2 = 2 points …….. Game 10 =10 points, etc…, you should use a random generator to determine the order of play at the beginning, so that you can regularly play varied Schlag den Fed rounds.
If you would like to compete against me, send us your application via the form on the Beat the Fed homepage
To play all the games on the map without having to prepare anything yourself, I recommend you to use the savegame I created and start a multiplayer savegame. As another mod you need the Global Company
Nothing more is needed…
Have fun and maybe play against each other sometime 🙂
Best regards
FedAction Letsplay

Fedaction Letsplay

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