Sleepslang combinatie met haspel en pomp met trek haak.

1. Sleepslangbemester
– fixed skinning from dragHose36
– added new vehicles (Fliegl DHKA390 and TrailerLifter)
– wheels from Titan34UW gets visibile after a few meters
– maestro SW 24.75 is sliding in detached state automatically
– Serto 12SC is sliding in detached state automatically
– Leeb PT350 decreased turning radius and increased turning speed

The Manure System mod changes the whole gameplay around handling your manure application. Experience what it really means to pump liquids as a real farmer.
Use the fill arms to actually be able to pump from open sources like: manure containers, lagoons amd water sources.
Use a specialized dock arm in order to suck from a docking funnel, or simply use a suction hose.
With a suction hose you´re able to pump a liquid fill type from source to target. If applicable you could extend the liquid manure hose to reach larger ranges.
Pumping does not always happen at full efficiency, manure thickness decreases the pump capacity and also the length of hoses affects your pump time.

All vanilla vehicles are supported (and some have additional changes), for a full list please check the manual below.
For more information read the manual on my GitHub.

Special thanks to VertexDezign and BM-Modding for providing awesome assets!

Slurry hose:
– Price: €150

Fertilizer hose:
– Price: €300

– Fixed several bugs
– Several improvements/optimisations
– Added 5M hose
– Added more object support
– Added compatibility with Courseplay
– Added support for Kverneland DLC and Horsch Pack

3. Sleepslanghaspel
800Kg Wight
Price: from 800 €

Moddesc version 53
Texture and model revised

Broaaaappp Peeuuuuww Community

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