HOFPACK V2.0.0.0

A farm pack consisting of wooden buildings, with all animals, shelters, decorations and silos.

version 2
Here’s a little update for my Hofpack
Added small chicken coop (250 animals)
added small pigsty (225 animals)
floating objects lowered
Added underground storage (thanks Achimobil for releasing the trigger)

good morning
This is a Hofpack, which I put together from original Giants and other mod elements.
Visually, it is made of wood, which I personally find very pleasant.
It looks beautiful of course and you can put together a nice cozy courtyard.
What does the pack consist of:
Residential building not accessible with sleep trigger
halls and shelters
Farm silo with rising heaps (thanks Silak68) and 400 000L capacity,
Extension with 250 000L capacity
large silo
Slurry tank (500 000L), as well as small extension (750 000L) and
large expansion (3 000 000L)
Dung Heap (4 000 000L)
Store liquids for: diesel, liquid fertilizer, herbicides, water and milk
Cowshed – 150 animals
Horse stable – 10 animals
Pigsty – 450 animals
Sheepfold – 200 animals
Chicken Coop – 250 animals, with “Apartment”
Kennel – 1 animal
“Holiday Apartment” – Banners red, yellow or blue bring monthly income
Farm Holidays sign generates monthly income
Barbecue area – decoration
Here is the link to my map, for which I built this Hofpack:
Download Landkreis_Leema.zip (835.35 MB) now. Fast and easy at workupload.com
I would like to thank EVERYONE who deals with the subject of modding/mapping, because without us it wouldn’t be the same game.
If you find yourself in objects or the like and are not mentioned in the credits, but want this, please let me know and I will add it later. Thanks
Greetings papa heart.

Giants Papaherz Silak68 Maulwurf63 Landbauer m4pj3cts Landbauer arii

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