RALLE`S MAP 4X V2.0.3.01

I’ve changed everything possible, so everything should work with the next update as far as the overview map is concerned. If not, then I don’t know what exactly happened, and I’ll probably have to re-export them completely.
I’m working on it anyway.
I’ve also dealt with the sinking vehicles, this problem should be fixed in this version.
What can still be is the problem with Precesions Farming, this is now built into the map, but I can’t guarantee that it will run error-free.
This update is just a fix and not an update that brings new features or anything.
That means you can continue to use your old game.
The next major update is planned for the end of next month. Since I build the map by myself, it all takes a little longer. Vanidar87 tests it for me and helps me to find some errors that I can’t find like this.
I am also very grateful for that :thumbup:
But since I also have a private life like all of us, I do the mapping when I have time and my family allows it.
Of course you can still let me know at any time what errors you find. I always get this information so that I know what’s going on and what you noticed.
I will always try to fix these errors so that they no longer exist in the next version of the map.
The new update will come later.

Ralle AKA johndeere6800

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