List of changes:

– Fixed some triggers on points of sale;

– Fixed spinning and weaving factory;

– Fixed the Bakery, the appearance of some pallets, added a separate milk unloading point;

– Changed the textures of some cultures, visual difference from the cleared one;

– Changed silo pits, and nominal loading them.

– Minor fixes on textures and object locations.

– Treason state. Numbers, textures replaced

– Minor production fixes.

– Added the ability to load lime and fertilizer into wagons.

The map “Village of Yagodnoe” was created on the basis of a real area based on the village where the author was born and raised. On the map:

– 65 fields.

In addition to default crops:

– Linen;

– Buckwheat;

– Peas.


– Canning factory;

– Groats factory;

– Fisheries;

– Oil extraction plant;

– Bakery;

– Dairy plant;

– Spinning and weaving factory;

– flour mill;

– Sugar and starch plant;

– Greenhouses;

– Grain cleaning, disinfectant (seed production);

– Production of animal feed;

– stable;

– Pigsty;

– Cowsheds.


– Plots with forest;

– Quarries with sand and stone.

Regarding the save, you can continue to play, but there may be problems with the silos. Now all the silos located on the map can be sold and purchased ones can be installed in their place. It’s best to start a new save if possible.


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  1. Jayne says:

    Hoping someone can help me out..

    How do I convert Raw Flax Straw to Dry Flax Straw?

    Or how do I get hold of Dry Flax Straw for the Spinnery?

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