Altai Valley v4.0 Final

The final version of the map Altai Dalin. Inside archive the necessary fashion and screenshots, which show that, where and where.
Imagine you card “Altai Valley-4”. This completely new map made from scratch. You will find yourself back in the river valley located in the mountains. The map has a lot of the purchased objects. There is a bakery, winery, brewery, yoghurt and sugar factories, lesopilka.Nekotorye field can be increased. Now it is possible to engage in cultivation of fruit crops; such as apples, pears, cherries and grapes. Producing wine and yogurt. Grow hops for beer production and sell in local shops. Apart from standard animals can be bred calves, pigs, geese, rabbits, chickens, sheep and cattle meat breed. Generally the work will be no end.


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