Amazone UF 1801 v1.1 Gulle


Hello Mod community,
have me made the original syringe “Amazone UF 1801” and modified it a little.
What was done:
Standard / Version 1.1:
Sale price: 29,000 € LS / LS € 25,000
Maintenance: LS 40 € / 30 € LS
Capacity: 1920 l / 2500 l
Consumption: 4.8 / 2.8
Max speed: 12 km / h / 18 km / h
Fruit Types: liquid fertilizer / liquid fertilizer and manure
Who does not need such a mod, it should not download too !!!
The log is error free and I have deliberately taken to a minimal file size and not all changed files are downloaded directly from the original directory. That should save performance.
By the way, clicking on the “Thank” button really does not hurt …
Even more fun with the syringe

Steve007 – 3 KB

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