Bjorn Settlers v1.6.0





Feel like buying fields is too easy? Want to work hard to get that arable land? Want to do more forestry? Need more progression?

Realistic fields costs: Adjusted cost of fields to be more realistic in relation of how much work is required to be able to farm them.
– Plowed fields cost x4
– Non-plowed fields cost x3
– Light Forest fields cost x2
– Heavy Forests fields have default cost

*Note; This doesn’t affect the starting fields as it would require too much “grinding” just to get some farming started.

Grouped some fields into farms: Fields close to farms / windmill are grouped to be bought at a very high price. You are now essentially paying to buy-out someone’s farm and his surrounding land (see map). Prices of those fields and lands follow the new price ruleset. Visit the owner’s house to buy!

Changed starting vehicles: Added basic forestry vehicles to help out in the beginning and moved tractors into the farm.

Map changes:
– A lot more forests and trees in general, light and heavy types.
– Less clutter near the starting farm, less useless building around the map in the middle of no-where.

Made by Polish Renegade – 200.3 MB

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  1. Otterbear says:

    Fantastic map. Love how it looks. Love the “farm purchase” idea. Would love more industries. Diesel Production, anything really. Needs more squared fields. Current fields are to oddly shaped. Leads to a lot of plow work and lost real estate. A lot of work for small gains. This was the case with the original map too though, I guess. Straw/bales selling point feels a bit cramped, and farming storage, at the cow pasture, is a bit tight for trying to store bales…also to small to handle a full stack of 16 bales.

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