Scania R730 forest and trailer v1.0




Present to you the famous truck Scania R730 forest
For the transport of logs
Included is a trailer
mounted manipulator
Logs can be unloaded by lifting the body by pressing LEFT ALT + 8
Align bearing LEFT ALT + 7

Attention !!!
Do not forget to switch in between the truck and trailer keys G

Attention !!!
Braked cornering with a load

Watch the video

The best truck in its class
If you need a reliable powerful and fast assistant on the farm
All this is embodied in the truck Scania730. The maximum speed of 90 km / h Maximum load 80 tons
This truck can be washed! Powered lighting devices

script Sven777b – 35.0 MB

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  1. Spencer says:

    This is almost a really good mod, but unfortunately has a couple of major issues. First, it becomes unrealistically top-heavy after you fill it halfway or more. It’s bad enough that you can barely drive it as it tips over far too easily. Second, there are no worklights on the crane, making it very difficult to use for logging at night. There are other minor issues, such as the “wash me” on the passenger side written backwards & your character doesn’t sit in the bucket chair while operating the crane. Other than that, it is a great looking mod & I love being able to tip the trailer to dump logs into the mill pond.

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