Lantmannen Volvo HKL X2 F16 750hp.



This truck is option to use HKL containers, platforms, tanks and other HKL things. Thank you to gnescher for those..
ITC connection ( ITC )
Passagera Script
Max speed 80km/h

Direct in to mod map, No UNzip


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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Adamisch says:

    So do I need the ITC DLC or does it work without it too?

  2. Avatar Lantmannen says:

    Work with both

  3. Avatar Dennis says:

    hi the arms of almost all the hkl arent working anymore only to pull it back in(n) the key (m) for pulling the arm out is missing ore disapeerd. it started wit a other mod also a hkl but now all of my hkl arent working anymore. what can i do to fix it?

  4. Avatar J-rod says:

    How to I get hlk container onto trailers? It doesn’t show a way to get them on?

  5. Avatar Thomas says:

    have you link to car trailer ?

  6. Avatar kovacs lorand says:

    end utb universal 650m

  7. Avatar jack says:

    lot of warnings in log

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