Semi trailer KrAZ v1.3

Trailers with good physics, the course of the movement shows signs of dust and leaves. During use dirty, can be washed. If the purchase did not provide all the selected color. Are animation and lighting equipment.

Farming Simulator 2015 v1.3 mod Semi KrAZ

Trailer Dniester 8523-10 with a capacity of 30,000 liters of body., Equipped with a removable canopy is blocking the front bogie. The body carries the standard loads fs 15, as well as: silage, manure, hay, straw, feed mix, fertilizer and sand.

Trailers for tractor: Universal semi-truck Dnestr 9523-05 with a capacity of body 35000/60000 l., Equipped with removable added boards, standard transports loads fs 15, as well as: silage, manure, hay, straw, feed mixture, fertilizers, sand bales. Fixed bug fixing cargo.

Semi-Dniester grain 93571 with a capacity of 60,000 liters of body. Transports standard cargo 15 fs and sand. Fixed a bug with awning.

Tank semi-trailer for the transport of liquid products, tank capacity of 52,000 liters. Transports sunflower oil, milk and water.

Semitrailer tanker TZ-22 tanks with a capacity of 22,000 liters.

Semi trawl CHMZAP 9990 for transporting equipment.

Semi OdAZ 9976 with a capacity of 40 animals for transportation of cattle transports pigs, calves and cows, horses and sheep.

Tank semi-trailer for transporting liquid manure and liquid fertilizer capacity 57000 l., Has the ability to spray the field.

Semi-930702-010 Sortimentovoz can be used on the cards, where there is a mission on the transport of logs and planks, the capacity of 36,000 liters.

Semi-trailer for transportation of products with a capacity of 48,000 liters. Transporting bottled sunflower oil, as well as: flour, sugar, meat, sausage, whiskey, wine, beer, canned food, yogurt, jam, hops, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, pears, plums, grapes, oranges, strawberries, cherries, eggplant mushrooms, dairy products.

Modell / Textur / InGame: SpeedySC1978, sanya1970, henly20, Norther_Strike, Siwus, Mythbuster, irakls, Koral, Game Kraz (Avalon Style Entertainment), MUK Modding, Crew, Pisty, Kyosho’s Modfactory, Silak_68, werik.
Help: AleksBam777.
Edit / Scripting: werik, Silak_68.
Scripts: Northern_Strike, StarT, Sven777b, fruktor, LSSA Modding Team, Geri-G, Marhu, werik, Silak_68, igor29381.
Maud made: kto-totutzdes.

Orginal Link: Download mod

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