The company was started by Roger Dowdeswell who farmed on heavy Blue Lias Clay in Warwickshire and wanted to be able to upgrade from his crawler and trailed plough. He initially designed a linkage for the rear of his Caterpillar crawler so he could use more modern ploughs. The success of this linkage resulted in neighbours asking him to build linkages for them.
Having solved the problem of the 3 point linkage for the crawler Roger then moved on to designing a plough specifically for the crawler as one did not exist on the market at the time.
The result was the DP1, a 3-4 furrow fully mounted offset plough, which by using an A-frame that went underneath the plough allowed it to be pulled from the middle. This allowed more power to be used on a lightweight frame.
In May 1970 Dowdeswell engineering was born. unfortunately 46 years later the company as dropped in to administration but one of the last models the 125 MA based off the DP7 is still in used on farms in the uk today.
The 125 MA is a plough designed to be simple, yet adaptable. Made for the farmer who has a known requirement of furrow width and quantity, but does not want to be tied to it. A modular design incorporating a tried and tested Dowdeswell headstock and linkage arrangement to manage the front furrow width and beam alignment.
Comes a standard with 6 furrows and optional rim colours
Happy ploughing

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