Mavericksfarm V1

MavericksfarmV1 is a 4x flat map with 21 large fields and allot of nice flat room for
all these nice placebal mods out there.
The map is made with the bigbud in mind,so it became a map for bigtoys.
5 additional fruits oat , rye , triticale , spelt , millet.
Plenty enough to do on this map.
There is enough grass around the fields to cut for the animals,bales etcetera
Milk don’t sell automaticly, so you will need something like the kotte universal pack to transport your milk.
These are my first steps in the modding world, i worked a long time on the map but finally i think it’s good to go.
I don’t think this map is perfect,but i’m still learning , so if something is wrong, i’m open for good advice.
All credits go to all the real modders that made all the things i could use in the map, i just putted them in.
Allot credits goes also to the scriptmakers. Without them it wasn’t possible at all.
If you want your name in the credits, just lett me know, i’m pretty new at this.
And please enjoy the map.


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3 Responses

  1. GaryM says:

    1. There are eggs, but NO chickens at the chickens coup.
    2. Cannot find the Grain Elevator 5 anywhere listed on the map.
    Really nice map though. Like it very much so far.

  2. Ray says:

    Field 3 has an issue with hired helpers turn around i have tried to plow it in make new field mode in both directions to no effect . Not run into any other problems yet played on the may for 70 hours . the map is a little to big don;t see most of anything on the outer road on the map. if i park a vehicle outside the road it doen’t show on the map .

  3. Joseph Weaver says:

    I’m having a problem finding the straw trigger for the pigs. Also I was unable to drop soybeans at the Soymilk Factory. I do like this map.

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