FIAT 80 SERIES V1.3.5.0

Changelog v1.1.0.0:
– 4wd option added
– Model set up
– improved dirt and wear

Changelog v1.2.0.0
– added visible motor (transparent grids)
– new tire configurations.

New rims
Doors that can be opened via mouse control
New engine sounds.

Added iron wheels for rice fields.
Added new engine configurations (open pipe version of each model).

Small Italian 70s tractor available in different engine configurations:
-Fiat 580: 58 hp ($ 15.000)
-Fiat 680: 68 hp ($ 16.000)
-Fiat 780: 78 hp ($ 17.000)
-Fiat 880: 88 hp ($ 18.000)

Other configurations available:
– Without front weight,350 kg weight and 750 kg weight.
– Standard and narrow wheels (2 wd).
– Choice of color between fiat orange and red fiatagri.
– Front loader console.


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