Lawfolds is based around a real working farm in the fertile rolling hills of Grampian, Scotland. There are two additional farms, East Law where the sheep can be found, and Newton of Lewesk is where the Cows are located.

– Fixed dairy bunker.
– Fixed some faulty textures.

This map features:
– Three plants, two of them with independent grain silos. Three forest areas around the map.
– Four different points of sale (Aberdeen Grains, Highland Grains, Aberdeen Northern Marts Group and Housing Estate) for the different crops.
– High capacity storage at Highland Grains so you can store the waiting plants for free.
– Seed and fertilizer points on the farms and at two sales points, as well as storage of pallets on the farms for those who prefer them.
– The prices have been increased a little higher than in the base game. Missions on all spaces that are not owned to lower these prices.
– Please note that all hedges, fences and walls have collisions. However, there are sizable patches of grassland in the fields that can help these workers.
– Animated gates and lights to most farm buildings. Automatic lights at the points of sale.
– Seasons ready

Many thanks to the makers of the models and my testers!

Map creater Stussy/ Converter CMMODZ

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  1. Avatar fs1954 says:

    bonne carte mais un très, très gros défaut : tous les champs sont entourés par des barbelés, c’est littéralement n’importe quoi. je sais que c’est un jeu mais on n’a jamais vu ça dans la réalité. de plus ça rends cette carte sans aucun attrait, on ne peu pas fusionner les champs achetés… il faut trouver les entrées des champs, pour moissonner 2 champs voisins, il faut décrocher la barre de coupe, la raccrocher derrière, changer de champs et raccrocher la barre devant…. hallucinant et absolument incompréhensible

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