Welcome to Riverbird. This is a fictional map.

Changelog v1.1.0.0
– Fixed easySheds and farm garage to be able to sell
– added new crops : Rye, Rice, Coffee, Mustard
– remake soil map for Percision Farming
– added seasons support for new crops
– tweak husbandryFoodDefinition
– added paintable grass texture

Map has 34 fields of varying size, 5 farms, 2 space for placeables, a BGA and few forest areas.
– Season ready
– Custom soil map
– A buying station for seeds,fertilizer,lime,liquid fertilizer and herbicides and excess of these can also be sold at Plover Co-op
– A buying station for manure and liquid manure available at Heron’s Animal Dealer
– All farm buildings with be there in all playing modes. All farm buildings are sellable and can also be bought.
– 4 farms with animal pens and 1 small arable farm
– densityHeight increase to 63 – supports strawHarvest, Maize Plus and its extensions
– terrain angle increase to 32

Hope you enjoy the map.


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